Dalia Elcharbini is a self-taught Palestinian - Canadian contemporary artist who has been making art since childhood. She describes art as her first language; her main mean of communication. Today, Dalia showcases the evolution of her passion transcending a hobby into some of the most powerful works of art that are compellingly unique and posses a divine feel that resonate with viewers.


Growing up in Burlington, Ontario, Dalia Graduated from McMaster University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film and Theater aspiring to become a film director to explore her passion for finding answers and communicating stories through art and film. But she also foreknew the struggles and difficulties of making a living being an artist. Therefore, after graduating, Dalia first obtained a certificate in Website Design and Development, then started her own branding, and web design & development company. However, through all this time she had been working on developing and solidifying her artistic style, exploring different mediums and creating a holistic body of work that would forever set her apart in the art world. 

In her art, Dalia draws inspiration from mother nature and is particularly intrigued by our intricately crafted universe. For this reason, she uses earthly minerals such as graphite and gold as her primary medium to bring her works into life. This signature technique and style makes Dalia’s art in perfect balance for its audacious simplicity in colors, stunning photorealist details, and striking visual contrast. In her own words, Dalia describes her style as Surrealist Realism, as she attempts to capture life-like subjects but not necessarily human as she enjoys improvising their skin textures, features and anatomy.

Dalia has been exhibiting in Canada and US for the past six years. Since 2015, she has been on a consecutive basis in Toronto’s renowned Artist Project show and gained both good reputation and success. She has also been involved in local collaborations such as Toronto based fashion line, Dust of Gods, that launched in LA in 2018.

Today Dalia is a full-time artist based in Burlington Ontario Aside from making art, she dedicates her time into advocating and campaigning for international human rights cases of injustice, women rights/education, and animal rights and actively supports charities for those causes.

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