Born in Iran, Nasim spent her childhood in Genova, Italy, where she immersed herself in the city’s great artistic ambiance and enjoyed being profoundly inspired. In 2003, Nasim earned her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication, and then completed her master’s degree in Illustration. After five years of teaching Art and Design, Nasim finally found home in Toronto living her artist dream.
Constantly receptive of new ideas and inspirations to create narratives and stories, Nasim is an active illustration artist who is a sessional faculty at OCAD university, an art instructor at the Winged Canvas Art Hub and Richmond Hill school of Art in Ontario, and a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.

MY RED CARDINAL   |   Nasim Abaeian

GINGER FLUFF OF MINE   |   Nasim Abaeian

SING MY SWEETIE, SING   |   Nasim Abaeian

MY WINTER COMPANION   |   Nasim Abaeian


Even though the art school training provided Ray with solid understanding of technicalities through color and composition, Ray considers himself to be a self-taught painter. Having exhibited since 1987, Ray enjoys both realistic and abstract art. As his works are constantly evolving, Ray appreciates the idea of preserving a small piece of time through his art.
"When I created these floral paintings I wanted to paint realistic images with a touch of an abstract look, bringing a more modern and expressionism to panting a flower. I really enjoyed picking out details from the duo tone under painting and highlighting these attributes.”

FLORAL 3   |   Ray Brandolino

FLORAL 15   |   Ray Brandolino


As the Art Director of the Association of African-Canadian Artists, and Producer and Curator of the annual art exhibit for the Scotiabank Caribana Festival, Joan has been actively practicing art for over 30 years. Her works of art can be found in both private and corporate collections, museums, universities, hospitals, libraries and City Halls throughout the world.
Most of the works in Joan’s newest collection were inspired while on safari in East Africa and on a recent trip to his home country of Bermuda. “I wanted my art to convey the richness, the vitality, and exotic beauty of a people and a land. The magic of photo artistry allows me to capture and emit the bold, beautiful and vibrant colours required to interpret and convey my vision. It gives me the freedom to create works that intrigue and allows room for the viewer’s interpretation.”

KISS ME 9    |   Joan Butterfield

KISS ME 10    |   Joan Butterfield


Born in1949 in Cosenza, Italy, Roberto is a widely celebrated artist for his photo realist style oil paintings on canvas. Roberto graduated from Ontario College of Art in 1971, in which year he was also the recipient of Ontario College of Art’s art medal for painting.
Over past 40 years, Roberto has gained international recognition exhibiting his works in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Beach and Toronto. His collectors include celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Toller Cranston, Dick Wolf.
While his style is realist, he enjoys reflecting classical influences and the time being in his works, creating timeless pieces of art that transcends time and space. The painting Baci The Kiss, oil on canvas, evokes visually the power of love to create life. A statue becomes real for the artist. A passionate kiss works on a quantum level. Vibrating Color strings that bring art to life, and emotions to life.

"BACI" - THE KISS   |   Roberto Carbone


Loreto has always felt a need to express himself. Painting is his opportunity to channel internal energy and give it shape and color. His abstract paintings are never planned. There is an undeniable urge to paint right at that time. The emotions on the canvas evolve on their own until he feels satisfied. Finishing a painting gives him gratification nothing else does.
“Spirituality plays a huge role in my life and I’m fascinated by the universe and the unknown.” Positive energy, which he believes is essential to life, as well as the belief that anything is possible, is translated into his art. “Painting is all about hopes, dreams and happiness.”

HEARTS   |   Loreto Ceccarelli

SATIN   |   Loreto Ceccarelli


Lisa graduated in Fine Arts from York University in 2002, but her love for art dates all the way back to childhood. At 5 years of age, she developed a fascination with portraiture and artistic representation of the human figure. That fascination grew into her main artistic inspiration, accompanied by fashion and architecture from the Art Deco period. Growing up, Lisa became aware that her main artistic inspiration stems from a deep admiration of portraiture, fashion and architecture from the Art Deco period. Structure, symmetry, clean lines and design from this time period come through in her work. The results are strong, balanced and aesthetically pleasing portraits keeping the realistic representation of the subject, yet are stylized, staged, enhanced and perfectly refined.
Parivash (mother) and Nika (daughter) “Although I recall Nika being slightly nervous of having her photo taken, she leaned back into her mother; her comfort. I feel this image truly expresses the natural bond and love a mother and daughter can share from an early stage.”