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Solo Oil Painting Exhibit by Artist Peter Fischer
2019 May 24 - June 22

DISTURB & ELEVATE - Dalia Elchabini's Debut Solo Show


2019 April 18 - May 18

2019 February 9 -23

“Whether it’s the growth rings of a tree, the aging lines on a senior’s face, the pattern on my dog’s snout, or the veins that are elaborately protruding from the skin of a leaf, I am inspired by the divine energy of our intricately crafted universe.”

This solo debut exhibit features Dalia Elcharbini’s most recent and never before seen work. It seeks to trigger an emotional response that taps into the human subconsciousness drawing the viewer into a mystic realm that can only be found inside the art, with an irresistible invitation to explore the elusive boundary between the real and surreal.

The revivification of the subjects through the paramount amount of details in Dalia’s works makes this show disturbingly powerful yet thrillingly elevating.

In this group exhibit, we call everyone to join us in cherishing the love we have for each other and beyond.​ 

​Love embodies positive energy and our longing for giving kindness and compassion. Love is grounded with tolerance and respect even when there are differences between those that give it. While it seems an innate attribute of human beings to love, it is at the same time a choice to actualize it, so let’s choose to Make Everyday Valentine's Day!

2019 February 9 -23

2019 April 18 - May 18


2018 November 9 - December 15


2018 October 17

This most recent series of works by Sue Tupy is deeply rooted in her personal perception yet takes on the subject of collective experience. An exploration that all human beings embark on, the journey of self search, analysis, and definition.

This collection of artworks portrays the individual divine spirits and moments that have touched and lifted Sue, nurturing in her a true sense of self awakening, and an epiphany of who she truly is, through a process of achieving self reconstruction through deconstruction.  

This exhibition puts a modern twist on the classical figure of Venus, contemporary, spontaneous, unpolished, worldly, and with audacity to share.

All this began with an eternally embossed image in Sue’s memory of her mother hunched in her garden working the soil and giving life in warm summer afternoons… 

In honor of the black & white framed portraits donated by Barrie Wentzell Photography, and, in affiliation with MusiCounts, Canada's music education charity associated with CARAS and The JUNO Awards, we are hosting an art exhibition gala and fundraiser to put instruments into the hands of kids who need them most in schools across Canada.

Sound of Toronto - Live Performance by Monochef

2018 September 27-28

Re-encounter our city, Toronto, in this live music performance with an immersive 360° surround sound experience. Incorporating vivid sound elements from the city we live in, such as TTC and the lake of Ontario, as well as video captures of places where the sounds were sampled, this event brings multidisciplinary creative collaboration to life, intertwining art, music, and performance all in one.

2018 May 25 - July 7

Showing for the first time in Toronto,  CORNO & WARHOL is a vibrant Pop Art exhibition celebrating the influence of Andy Warhol on Canadian artist Corno. Corno always admired the work of Andy Warhol as he was one of her greatest artistic influences. She dreamed of one day exhibiting her works next to his.

The exhibition features Corno originals and prints, as well as one of the largest in the world collection of original Andy Warhol exhibition posters from 1962 to 1987. Highlights of the exhibition include a rare exhibition poster of Warhol’s first show of the memorable Campbell Soup series in Los Angeles, and a Corno portrait of Marilyn Monroe custom composed using Swarovski crystals.

There are undeniable similarities between the two artists in their style, energy, and use of color. Join us in honoring and celebrating the life and work of CORNO & WARHOL.

2018 March 23 - April 21

Pre-Opening Exhibit

2017 December 7

In today’s world, while technology greatly facilitates people to connect with each other, the fabric of human relationships seems to have been diluted. Yet, social scientists have come to the conclusion that quality relationships and strong social connections are important factors in human being’s happiness. Read more...

Preview of Jin Zuo's solo exhibit consisting of 18 selected artworks Zuo has completed during his past two decades of artist career.  With a diversified range of styles and themes across this collection, Zuo presents himself to be a highly versatile artist. 

Pine Path, 46x28.jpg

Grounded   Solo Oil Painting Exhibit by Artist Peter Fischer

2019 May 24 - June 22

Trees are grounded deeply into earth
We, humans, ground into nature at birth

Trees live on earth millions of years before us
We breathe in what they breathe out
We take shade and shelter under them
We burn their stems for warmth
We too often take them for granted
So, may we remember our place amongst all living beings
And let the trees guide us before we take any action


Let us learn from the trees
To satisfy from simple things in life, air, water, light
To embrace joy as well as those we must let go
To stand tall in a storm, and grow strong without notice
To be content with our natural beauty
And remember, enjoy the sights before us!

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