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Zuo is Chinese immigrant artist born in 1968. He specializes in contemporary oil and acrylic paintings on canvas.

Zuo started drawing as a young man, and along the way he formed a passion in fine arts, particularly painting. initially Zuo learned water and ink techniques, and won his first Chinese national painting prize at the age of 19 but Zuo had always been curious and inspired by oil painting, and up to that point he was self-taught. In order to augment his skills, he enrolled in the China Central Academy of Arts, China’s most prestigious art institution, in 2003.

While perusing his art studies, Zuo worked in the animation department of a Chinese provincial television station. There he discovered his new fascination, animation.  He later founded Shenbi Animation company in 2008 in China.

In 2012, Zuo and his family emigrated to Canada. He currently resides and pursues his art practice in the suburbs of Toronto. ​ Today, Zuo is a co-founder of the C9 ART gallery.

Zuo applies his personality and life experience to his paintings. He constantly challenges himself, experimenting with new styles and techniques, all the while, exploring and discovering himself as an artist and human being.  Zuo was never satisfied with the status quo. Throughout his 30 years of art career, Zuo has painted landscapes, portraits, and became most interested in examining symbols and exploring expressions of metaphors in his works. Zuo’s works won favorable comments from art experts and critics in China and Internationally.  Dozens of his artworks have been collected and published by art associations, art institutes and magazines.

  • 2008: Jin Zuo’s oil on canvas “Sunshine” was chosen for exhibition during 3rd Annual National Best Young Artists Show at National Art Museum of China.

  • 2011: Jin Zuo’s oil on canvas “Barcode” was selected to enter 2011’s art exhibition at the Carrousel in Louvre in Paris, and was reprinted in the Salon de La Société National des Beaux-Arts 2011 magazine.

  • 2012: Jin Zuo’s oil and canvas “Compete” was exhibited in the “Creative Cities” show at the 2012 London Olympic Fine Arts Convention.

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