Peter Fischer is a landscape artist based in Dundas, Ontario. He started painting in oils at the age of 12. Growing up just outside of Dundas, the intimacy with nature inspired Fischer to turn his appreciation of nature into artistic representations.

Fischer's painting focus primarily on the fine nuances of the natural world. Fischer enjoys gathering inspiration from areas in and around the beautiful escarpment passing through Dundas, along with his travels to Quebec and the Maritimes. With a background on graphic design, his carefully honed eye for details captures the randomly occurring repetition of shapes and pattern, resulting in paintings which often invoke a sense of calmness in the viewer.

"I paint from photographs that I personally take. The essence of what I try to convey on the canvas from the photo mostly has to do with whatever inspired me to take the photo in the first place. Sometimes it is drama but mostly is the peacefulness. It is my desire to be in the scene, to explore its boundaries, to walk to the far edge of what can be seen and see what is beyond that. I like to

try to give the viewer the same desire. To enjoy and notice the often very subtle colours that nature and often we, create in any given landscape" - Peter Fischer​ 

Seven years ago, Fischer continued his lifelong exploration o the creative process by making the leap of faith to begin a full-time painting career and hasn't looked back. In 2012, Fischer's painting "Leander Sky" was chosen by Sotheby's for its Super Auction at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. In 2014, Fischer's artworks were sold among the top six at the Art Gallery of Burlington's 35th annual auction, as well as the top two contemporary paintings at the Dundas Valley School of Arts' 44th annual auction.


Alongside these achievements, Fischer also exhibits at the galleries in Charlottetown, Waterloo, Ottawa, Stratford, Hamilton and the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Art Gallery of Burlington. His works is held in private and corporate collections internationally including Canada, the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia.

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