Daughter of Dennis Tupy, originator of the iconic Blue Mountain Pottery and pioneer in the ceramic industry, Sue was born in Collingwood, Ontario, in 1961. Growing up in an artistic family, Sue was exposed to different forms of art from an early age, which not only served as Sue’s introductory education to visual art, but also stimulated her innate desire to create and eventually become an artist herself.

Since childhood, Sue has demonstrated a great interest in making beautiful objects. At the age of 10, Sue started helping out and working in her father’s pottery factory on weekends, where she started with the most menial jobs and gradually worked her way up and learned the entire process throughout the years. It didn’t take much time to see that Sue had her own creative penchant for anything fabric and progressively began a life of ever indulging in the arts. 

As a young adult, Sue had intended to go into a career in textiles, thus she decided to pursue academic education in fashion, design, and arts business attending Georgian College in Barrie. However, during her

college years, Sue encountered culinary art, which attracted her like a magnet as it challenged her creative senses on a different level.

It quickly became her wholehearted fascination, so much so that when an opportunity presented upon her graduation, Sue delightfully entered the culinary world.  In her 20-year long vocation working in kitchens, instead of feeling detached from her visual art roots, Sue always saw the connection between art and cooking, and always endeavored to apply and incorporate her artistic flair to her culinary practises.

Through the years, besides being a chef and raising a family, Sue continued her pursuits in clay, wood, and paint. Unquestionably, Sue’s most significant aspiration was forged as she worked alongside her artist father. In response to that calling, at the age of 40, Sue left her kitchen playground to become a full-time artist. For the last 20 years, Sue has been happily living her long-awaited artist dreams working from her studio in Clarksburg, Ontario.

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